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Creating beauty & peace

one pampered soul at a time

Our goal is to make each guest feel special and indulged. We strive to visualize and deliver the finest personalized service with the highest of standards to each of our guests. Our staff drives to inspire, love and create beauty to all who pass through our doors. The Day Spa duBois invites you to come and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing and friendly experience. 




Located in the heart of historic, downtown DuBois, The Day Spa duBois is the areas finest and leading salon and spa company. Established in 2009, with the recent change in ownership by Benny Gordon and Annette Thomas, 2019 has already been an amazing year with lots of beautiful renovations and luxurious changes to this spacious canvas. Focusing on guest services and the experience in its entirety, our new ownership has brought amazing new, talented faces with some familiar ones as well. Whether you are looking for an express service, self-care or a full day of total pampering and relaxation, our full service salon and spa is waiting right here to give you the ultimate experience in luxury that you deserve.


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