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The Day Spa Dubois is pleased to announce the addition of the all new "Day Spa Tan".


Formerly the Tan Zone, located at 31 N. Brady Street in historic Down Town Dubois.


Day Spa Tan will be offering new and exciting services at this

well established location with convenient parking


Come visit us! 

We look forward to helping you achieve your best tan.

Tanning Packages & Pricing

(Tan pricing shown does not include tax)


VersaSpa Spray Tan

1 Session ~ $35

BUY 2         $65

BUY 4         $125

Combines the science of skincare with advanced tanning technology to produce the most advanced tanning technology

versa spa.jpg
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Turbo Bed

10 Minutes ~ $16

30 Day Unlimited $130

Buy 5 get 2 FREE ~$80

Turbo tanning beds offer even more UV light than regular tanning beds, in a shorter period of time.

Turbo Bed.jpg
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Stand Up

7 Minutes ~ $16

30 Day Unlimited $130

Buy 5 Get 2 FREE

Instead of standing up and getting sprayed, fluorescent lamps turn on, and UV light is omitted, initiating melanin activation in the skin. Tanning sessions are typically shorter than lay-down beds.

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Bronzing Bed

15 Minutes ~ $11

30 Day Unlimited $90

Buy 5 get 2 FREE ~ $55

Keep it dark. delivers a darker tan that lasts longer than tan achieved on regular tanning beds. Maintains a Deeper Color using bronzing UVA rays.

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Sun Bed

20 Minutes ~ $9

15 Minutes ~ $7

10minutes ~ $5

30 Day Unlimited ~ $70

Buy 5 get 2 FREE ~ $45

Same results as being in the sun. Only 10 minutes in a sunbed compares to about 2 hours in direct sunlight. Stronger then a Regular Bed

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Regular Bed 

30 Minutes ~ $10

20 Minutes ~ $7

12 Minutes ~ $5

30 Day Unlimited $55

Buy 5 Get 2 FREE ~ $45

Immediate result with few sessions, We suggest beginners go for the tanning bed rather than the bronzing beds. The regular beds won't give you a deep dark tan but will give you a base tan quicker.

regular tanning bed.jpg
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